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About Us

We are a global network company with a clear vision: we find audiences for our partners and turn them into customers. We focus on long-term profit and growth by establishing a network of trusted and long-lasting relationships.

Led by industry veterans, our team brings you the expertise only 10+ years in the business can provide. Out of the box thinking & flexible solutions to bring you the right results. Our mission is simple: we’re the company that creates markets based on performance. We’ll find your audience and turn them into customers.

For Publishers

Partner with a team of media experts with a deep understanding of ROI and dedicated to providing in-depth support.

We are committed as much to our publishers as we are to our advertisers. We deliver the right content to produce long-term profit and growth, our team is working hand in hand with our publishers to build effective relationships with top advertisers.

We ofer top converting campaigns, multiple verticals, no where else to be found exclusive campaigns, on time fast payments & personalized support.

For Advertisers

Out of the box thinking to bring you the right results. We offer global reach through our worldwide network of trusted, long-term relationships, creating high-return opportunities for our partners.

Because of the size and quality of our advertising network we can integrate different channels, media formats and engagements to build a marketing platform that will deliver the results you demand. Find your customers on a risk free basis. Pay only for results.

Our flexible solutions empower our advertisers and publishers to reach the consumer wherever they are – online, offline, mobile and social – with the products, content and offers they want.People-based marketing to maximize performance, paid on result.

Access to quality affiliates

Advertise in our large, international affiliatenetwork: Traffic Leader offers a network of more than 1.000+ active affiliates and a vast social and mobile reach.

Premium all-round support

Generate maximum return from your online campaigns with proactive support supplied by our online advertising specialists and dedicated channelmanagers.

Cutting edge technologies

A constant flow of new, smart solutions to make promotions more efficient and effective. Technically developed in-house solutions that offer insights and opportunities.

Unlimited valuable leads

Generate additional sales on your website via Affiliate Marketing, collect data from potential customers via Lead Generation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here at, we work with potential clients, early stage clients who just recently developed an affiliate program, and some of our long-time clients who have seen the channel in action and know it works. We field thousands of questions daily from all three.
We provide example link types, banner ads, button images, text links, e-mail copy & suggestions on how to best sell our services.
First, your customers will benefit from Leader, huge selection of unique products and excellent customer service. Second, you will make commissions for the referral. Your visitors will be thrilled that they got such a helpful referral from you! It makes you look great and earns you cash.
After you have been accepted into the program, you will be able to log-in to your Affiliate account and see your sales and commission results. You can also choose to receive e-mail reports for each sale made.
Affiliate marketing can help you grow your business in the following ways:

It allows you to save time and money on marketing, which is time you can dedicate to focusing and spending on other aspects of your business
It gives you access to professional marketers (affiliates/publishers) It exposes your products to new audiences through promotional efforts by your team of publishers (affiliates)
It’s cost effective and has unmatched ROI
Smartphones are essentially computers in miniature, so they can display the same websites and affiliate offers that a PC can. However, mobiles also have specific tools not-so-readily available on computers, and these can be used to good effect for publishers.
When setting up an ad it can be optimized for mobile users, making it easy for this audience to access the offer. Publishers can also make good use of text and instant messaging promotions. As the mobile market is predicted to make up 80% of traffic in the future, publishers not only can promote on mobile devices but they are missing a big trick if they are not

Turn your online reach into revenue

Your website visitors, followers and newsletter readers are worth money.
At Traffic Leader you can earn money per click, lead or per sale. More importantly, you can use our innovative tools,
unique technology and personal support. We help you maximize your income potential.


Connect with our team to learn more about our possibilities and solutions.​


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